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''Carpe freakin' diem, pal!'' - Reiter Select-A-Month Perpetual Calendar

This handy application allows you to look up the calendar matrix for any month of any year.

Just select the month you're interested in from the drop-down menu. Then type the 4-digit number for the year you wish to explore in the box to the immediate right of the month selection menu. And finally, press "Build!"

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Perhaps you can put the above calendar application to good use for important business appointments or social engagements. Maybe you can use this program to do accurate and scientifically-sound research into some event of lasting historical significance. But, hey, if you're anything like me (May God have mercy on your poor, pathetic soul.), you'll have some momentary fun just goofing off with this program, typing in any ol' date that serendipitously comes to mind.

Personally, I find it interesting that my daughter (The Kiddo), her mother (and my former spouse, Ruth Anne), and I (ol' Brother Dave) were each born on a Sunday. (Of course, I knew all that before ever using this calendar. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, none of us were born on the same Sunday. 'Kay?) The odds that all 3 of us would each be a "Sunday's child" are, what, 1 in 7x7x7, or 1 in 343. Ironically, however, and completely counter to the assertion that "Sunday's child is full of grace," the odds that would have correctly predicted that the 3 of us would each be born a total klutz, devoid of any physical grace whatsoever, are completely and utterly incalculable! Why, it staggers the mind (while our bodies tend to stagger easily enough on their own, thank you, without regard to any cosmic calculations)! Imagine that. (I've been accused of being full of something from time to time, but it was never the natural grace of a Sunday's child that was insultingly cited as my probable filler!)

After using this online perpetual calendar, I can now report that my Dad, Mom, and both of my brothers, Larry and Darrell, were all born on a Thursday, the odds of which are 1 in 7x7x7x7, or 1 in 2,401. Whew! (None of them, however, were born on the same Thursday. 'Kay?) And my Sagittarian sister, Tricia, was born on a Wednesday, the odds of which are 1 in 7 — still less than even odds but, hey, she had to be born on some day of the week. Right? I mean, ipso facto: Tricia. Right? So why not Wednesday?

And so it goes.

If you, Dear Pilgrim, don't already know the day of the week on which you or some of your loved ones were born, use the calendar above to find out. Then, just for kicks, compare your/their personal traits with the following:

Sunday's child is full of grace
Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child loves to race
Wednesday's child is kind of heart
Thursday's child is very smart
Friday's child will never part
Saturday's child is good of heart

— Traditional Children's Nursery Rhyme

And now, m'Dear, this Sunday's child is outta here.

— BD

''Carpe freakin' diem, pal!'' - Reiter

If no calendar appears above, try clicking on your browser's Refresh or Reload button,
and check to be sure that you have Java® installed and enabled in your browser. —BD

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