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Festival of Light

This fest is the brainchild of my dear friend Vicki of Diamond Special Events. It is a labor of love, peace, and goodwill.

This annual outdoor fall festival is dedicated to the exploration of the body-mind-spirit connections to personal health and spiritual growth. It's the only one of its kind in the Midwest.

The BODY MIND SPIRIT Festival of Light features Holistic Health physicians and practitioners, alternative therapies, homeopathy, reflexology, massage therapy and bodywork, counseling, aromatherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, T'ai Chi, yoga, Qi Gong, wellness programs, fitness and nutrition education, Feng Shui, Reiki, meditation, complementary medicine, and more.

Live entertainment at the festival always showcases a variety of artists presenting performance art and original music.

Festival booth vendors offer unique gifts, books, music, candles, incense, jewelry, art, crystals and gems, flower essences, herbs, natural and Earth-related products, clothing and musical instruments from around the world, and services such as astrology, numerology, tarot, angel readings, and aura photography.

Highlights of the festival include free seminars, workshops, and lectures presented by world-renowned authorities noted for excellence, insight, and compassion in their particular fields of health, healing, and spirituality.

And hey, it's great fun! Good Karma. Mellow vibes. Interesting people and ideas. Plus the vivid and varied colors of Indiana autumn.

My involvement with the festival began in 1997 when I got to assist Vicki in editing a promotional video and commercial spots from footage of her first FOL. She and I were instant friends. (Or, as she says, perhaps we're members of the same soul group and we've always been kindred spirits.)

Sometime soon after my commissioned duties as video editor were satisfactorily completed, I enlisted as one of Vicki's many FOL volunteers in the spirit of friendship and because the ideals of the fest appealed to me,... for more opportunities to work with Vicki and because of the offer of a free Staff T-shirt.

So for her second FOL (and my first), I assisted with updating and maintaining the web site prior to the event. Then during the festival, I shot lots of still photos and assisted the videographer in documenting the event.

I was much more involved with festivals 3, 4, and 5. Besides serving as web master and event photographer, I assisted with desktop publishing, computer graphics, copy writing, data base management, running errands, et cetera. Sometimes the long hours of work could be exhausting, but the labor was always spiritually rewarding and usually fun.

I'll let you know when the next fest is to take place. BD

BODY MIND SPIRIT Festival of Light

The "BODY MIND SPIRIT Festival of Light" name is the property of Diamond Special Events, Inc. All rights reserved.

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