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I've received thousands of e-mails, letters, and phone calls from fans from all over the world, each saying something like, "BD, I just love the 'Hermit Named Dave' logo for your website! Way cool! Is there any groovy gear available with your logo on it? And if so, where and how can I get some?" (This is all a big, fat lie.)

Well, now, for all those adoring (and fictitious) fans out there, I'm proud to introduce my exclusive line of "Hermit Named Dave" brand-name merchandise.

Available products include top-quality T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, tank tops, boxers, hats, totes, coffee mugs, mousepads, clocks, and more. Hotcha!

Cool stuff! 100% Dolphin-safe! Wow!

Check out what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say:

"I was thrilled to finally find a T-shirt that's both high in fiber and completely fat-free! Oh, and it's cool that the logo doesn't totally suck." VW, Florida

"While the 'Hermit Named Dave' baseball cap I bought didn't really cure my male-pattern baldness, it did significantly reduce my chances of having the top of my head sunburned. That's miraculous enough for me. Thanks." BG, Oregon

"Knowing that my 'Hermit' mug is 100% Dolphin-safe, I can now drink my morning coffee with a clear conscience! A clear conscience and a danish!" BL, Maine

"Call me 'crazy,' but I like knowing that all of my 'Hermit Named Dave' clothing and accessories are not demon-possessed or of extra-terrestrial origin! I never felt this same sort of confidence with the 'Hermits Named Beelzebub and Bleem Blaxon-3' brand products that were marketed in the late 1960s." DR, Kentucky

Visit our online store today!

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Exclusive Deluxe-Quality "Hermit
Named Dave" Brand Merchandise

Convenient 24/7 Online Shopping

Reasonable "No Profit to BD" Prices

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This page and the products presented at started out as a lark, as a kind of inside joke. But now that graphics have been created for the marketing and manufacture of products and now that the HTML code has been written to realize said lark, well, hey, here it is: A joke, yeah, but also a real service providing quality signature products. Because I have opted not to markup any pricing of merchandise presented at, please consider this a not-for-profit service of this website. And so it goes. The "Hermit named Dave" logo graphic is the property of David R. Lister, aka Brother Dave, aka BD, aka Hey You. All rights reserved.

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