4     CONTINUED:                                                     4
                           BLIND BROTHER DEX (CONT'D)
                    (V.O., singing)
               Well, she tells me that she loves 
     XCU: As Blind B.D.’s hand leaves Trudy’s arm, several pimply 
     bumps are revealed. The bumps form cells with a maximum of 6 
     bumps each—-3 bumps high and 2 bumps wide. FREEZE-FRAME.  In 
     upper-third, SUPER CG: (Dermatographic Braille). In two lines 
     centered lower-third, SUPER CG: “Not in this lifetime! I 
     have a headache!” (See Addendum.)
                           BLIND BROTHER DEX (CONT'D)
                    (V.O.. singing)
               ...but she sure don’t show it in 
                                                     DISSOLVE TO:
5    EXT. — MONASTERY COURTYARD — DAY                                5
     CU: There’s a dome of smooth skin surrounded by hair. 
     (Whatsit!?) This Friar Tuck haircut tilts up to reveal Blind 
     B.D.’s dark glasses and face. ZOOM OUT TO MS: Blind B.D. is 
     wearing a monk’s robe. He is sitting on a bench, alone in a 
     courtyard. He is running his fingertips across the open center-
     fold of a PLAYBOY magazine, as if reading Braille. ZOOM OUT 
     CONTINUES TO TWO-SHOT: An OLD MONK ENTERS, wags his finger, 
     and mouths “No, no, Dear Brother.” He takes the magazine. 
     Then as the Old Monk EXITS, he ogles the center-fold with 
     lecherous delight.
                           BLIND BROTHER DEX
                    (V.O., singing)
               I think I’ll go to a monastery, shave 
               a bald spot on my head.
     MCU: Blind B.D. rubs his bald pate and lip-syncs.
                           BLIND BROTHER DEX (CONT'D)
                    (V.O.. speaking)
               Sorta like gettin’ bald from not 
               havin’ balled.
                                                     DISSOLVE TO:
6    INT. — BLIND B.D.’S LIVING ROOM, A DUMP — DAY                   6
     MS, ZOOMING OUT TO A TWO-SHOT: Trudy is sobbing into a tissue. 
     Blind B.D. ENTERS and tries to console her. As she pulls 
     away, she slaps him.




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