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''Rave, and the world raves with you. Cave, and you cave alone.''  T.S. Sherlock Brother Dave's Home Cave

Hey there, Pilgrim, I'm Bro. Dave Lister. Welcome to my website. I've posted some original scribbles, ditties, and doodles here along with other miscellaneous stuff. So come on in. You're hot and weary from your journey. The cave is cool this time of year.

When you're ready to do some exploring, feel free to just wander off on your own (Don't worry, you won't get lost.) or consider the following:

Scribbles: In this section of the cave network, you might wanna start out in one of the smaller upper-level chambers, such as Brother Dave's Doggerel For The Day, Fish 'n' Chips of Chia Pet, Personality Disorders: The Klepto, Turning the Other "Other Cheek" or, perhaps, There Once Was A Hermit Named Dave.

Ditties: Visit a pleasant grotto, such as Homespun Song or On and On. For more adventurous spelunking, start with A Western Wet Dream, A Shot in the Dark, or Demon Rum. If you wish to explore some of the darker and less-accessible subterranean caverns, you might begin with The Burning of Heidelberg Castle, Both Kinds of Nimbus, #1, or Something Quite Like Job's Blues. Among the most recent additions to this site are the homemade demo recordings of some of the songs I've written. The count is now up to 27 original MP3 recordings, freely available for downloading and listening. Song pages with links to the MP3 files are indicated in the song titles listing on the Bro. Dave's Ditties menu page. Each MP3 link, when available, is located near the bottom of a song's individual page, immediately after the song's lyric. Check 'em out.

Doodles: I need to shore up the walls in this section of the cave. It's safe to visit. It's just not as spelunker-friendly as I want it to be. You might start exploration of this area in our chamber dedicated to The Continuing Adventures of Theta Starr.

Other Stuff: Some parts of this cave network are more geologically-active than others. I usually visit these areas on a daily basis 'cause I never quite know what I'll discover. Sometimes there are diamonds. Sometimes there are just lumps of coal. It's the chance of discovering something of personal value that keeps this sort of exploration interesting. So put on your hardhat and consider visiting one of these chambers: Charlie Haggard And The Blue Sky Playboys: The Radio Show, The Phobia List, or The Fear List.

Recent Additions and/or Updates: Been here before? Think you've seen it all? Well, if you haven't examined the following (ever or recently), there still may be something new for you to experience here: The aforementioned song demo MP3s, the availabilities of which are listed on the aforementioned Bro. Dave's Ditties page Sneezin' Season (Brother Dave's Ragweed Rag) Brother Dave's Doggerel For The Day Charlie Haggard And The Blue Sky Playboys: The Radio Show BD's Tape-Recorded Spiel For Brother Gene's Birthday Roast The Princess And The Pea Brother Dave's Twitter Page Fantastic Plastic Action Figure(s) A True-Life Microsecond Melodrama We, The Albino Two-Headed Black Rat Snake, Gets Pimped BIG BROTHER Watches Over Little Ol' "Brother Dave" Lister Too Many (Generic) Daves? Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich Jesus on the Fence, Christ on the Cross New Age Mutant Satanic Turtles ...Here in Indiana? Don't Call Me Listerine! Tom M. R., A Dildo Lover and "A Lister Rode the Mayflower" Edward Lister: Mayflower Passenger and Signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Happy spelunking, Pilgrim.

Check your batteries. Take a candle and matches. May your light forever shine.

Later, BD

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